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Organic cotton ultra-thin sanitary pad

A pad to take care of all your worries – Rash free, Ultra-thin, Toxin Free, Wider Back, Leakage protection, Super Absorbency, Eco- conscious and Individual Disposal Covers.

My Cara pads are made from 100% organic cotton with ultra-soft surface that will make you forget about your period worries.

We understand your periods like no one does and thus provide the optimum sizes for different days of menstruation.

Why Choose Us?

My Cara is a woman driven enterprise committed to helping women enjoy the comfortable menstrual experience and thus have used the best raw materials available all across the world in creating our product. We are working to make sure that periods don’t become an impediment to women in reaching their goals. We strongly believe that the growth of the nation can only happen when the women of our great nation grow and thus we seek to help them in all the ways possible.

My Cara is guided by the following three pillars
Comfort: Ensuring periods don’t stop you from reaching your goals.
Health: Chemical free products to protect your health.
Environment: Providing sustainable products that are good for you as well as the Earth.

How We are Different?

We have made sure to use raw materials which are natural and chemical-free.
Unlike the traditional pads available in Indian market, which are mainly composed of non-breathable raw materials based on plastic, My Cara sanitary pads are made up of GOTS certified Organic cotton with Japanese SAP for superior absorbance and comfort to provide a safe and comfortable menstruation experience.
Our sanitary napkins have the soft top surface which makes our pads fully breathable to prevent accumulation of moisture and heat, which can lead to increase in bacterial growth, thus causing infections.

  • Leakage Protection
  • Fast Bio Degradable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Dermatologist Approved


We have rash free Money Back Guarantee. Customer can use a pad and if they get rash they return the rest and can have money back within 4 Days 

Usually we Deliver our Products in 3-5 Days 

Yes , Mycara makes 100% Organic and |Environmental Friendly Pads which will Solve your Problems without any Harsh Chemicals and all

Yes, We Have Delivered Thousand’s of Pads to our Customers and You can Check Reviews of many Customers of sharing their Experience 

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