Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use: 

Tripathi Organics is a Manufacturer of Biodegradable Sanitary Pads. When you access our Tripathi Organics site or make a purchase, you accept the terms of use. 

Terms of sale:

We offer you sanitary pads that are environmental-friendly and are available in different sizes like 245 mm, 290 mm, and 345 mm with the highest absorbency. We have set terms and conditions in this Terms of use; you accept the terms when purchasing the product.

We make sure to provide you with an accurate product description and images on the site. If there is any change or error in the information displayed on the site, we put our utmost effort into correcting it and inform you.

The main aim of our products is to provide you with a great experience during your periods. Therefore, we recommend you discontinue the product and consult a doctor if any side effects, irritation, or discomfort exist. If there is any negligence while using the product, we are not responsible for that. 

Things to ensure while using the Sanitary Pad

  1. Change the pad every 6-8 hours irrespective of the flow to maintain hygiene.
  2. If you experience any discomfort, irritation or uneasiness while using the pad, kindly discontinue usage. If the irritation persists, then consult a doctor.

Intellectual Property Rights:

All the products available on our site, text, images, names, and designs are protected by copyright, trademarks, etc. Therefore, the all the things on the website are for your personal use only and any commercial use can lead to legal actions.

Use of Site:

According to the terms and conditions, you agree not to misuse the site, damage it, and do fraudulent or unlawful activities. There is no guarantee that the content, product description on the site to be accurate or error-free. You agree to use the product for your personal use only and do not sell the samples provided by us.

You can consult your doctor or physician before using the product. For any query regarding the information provided on our site, seek professional medical advice.