My Cara

We all women know how uncomfortable ‘that time of the month’ can be. You have probably had cramps, mood swings, and heavy flow. On top of this discomfort, you still have to deal with your busy schedule. To ease the discomfort of periods, my Cara brings you products that make them endurable and will definitely put you at ease. my Cara offer you biodegradable sanitary napkins for your holistic care that not only keeps you away from rashes, infections and allergies but also caters to your menstrual needs.

Why switch to biodegradable pads?

According to researchers, normal sanitary napkins take around 600-700 years to decompose, which pollutes the land and water bodies resulting in resource exploitation. They are not only harmful to the environment but also have a disastrous impact on human health. The chemically infused plastic and chemicals in them cause irritation, allergy, vaginal infections, and rashes.

Female hygiene and menstruation are inescapable parts of our lives. Although plastic and chemical products are present in the market today, now is the time to switch to biodegradable menstrual products. Why? Because biodegradable products provide a sustainable environment for both nature and humans. They are free of chemicals and plastics, making them easily degradable, reducing the chances of plastic build-up on our planet.

Why my Cara's biodegradable pads?

Over the centuries, women have faced several challenges and health issues during their periods. However, my Cara now brings you their sanitary napkins, which won’t make you wait anymore to serve you the best during your period days.

my Cara sanitary napkins are made from natural raw materials, which makes them free from chemicals. To prevent leakages, my Cara sanitary napkins offer a wider back and soft surface at the back. It also prevents rashes, allergic reactions, and irritation to your delicate intimate skin. my Cara napkins are scent-free, which ensures that you stay away from unwanted artificial odor. The top surface of these pads is soft and dries up quickly to avoid rashes and infection. The absorbent side is made of highly absorbent SAP for faster absorption. The broad shape of sanitary pads ensures that even on your heavy flow days, you are comfortable all day long without the worry of changing them every hour.

My Cara’s sanitary pads are ultra-thin, which will make you feel like you are not even wearing one!

Safe for nature; safer for women

my Cara sanitary napkins are free from chemicals and dioxins designed to cater to women’s daily menstrual requirements. A few advantages of using our sanitary napkins are as follows:

Free from rashes and irritation

The intimate area is very delicate and therefore requires extra care and attention. Plastic-based sanitary napkins can irritate sensitive intimate areas, whereas my Cara sanitary napkins are made from natural materials and cotton plants, making them comfortable and safer to use.

Better and a safer option

my Cara sanitary napkins have proven to be a safer and better option because they are 100% organic and toxin-free, making the intimate area free from infection, rashes, and allergies.

Nature friendly; free from plastics

Plastic-based sanitary napkins can take up to hundreds of years to decompose, while my Cara biodegradable sanitary napkins are naturally decompose in normal conditions. Besides that, all these pads are free from plastic which reduces the risk of health, and there is no negative impact on the environment.

Doctor's Recommendation

Doctors recommend cotton based sanitary napkins as these pads are the most hygienic and the safest alternative to normal sanitary napkins available in the market.