Sanitary Pads

My-Cara pads are designed to provide a comfortable menstruation experience to Indian women after consulting with thousands of Indian women from all ages. We have also consulted with International product experts for bringing My-Cara pads to you.

As per scientific advice, each My-Cara pad should be changed every 6-8 hours for maintaining proper hygiene and comfort.

My-Cara offers 3 sizes of pads in each box with different absorption capacities. The three sizes are 245mm, 290mm and 345mm.

Unlike the pads available in the market, My-Cara pads use high quality super absorbent polymer which provide unmatched absorption capacity. Also, the pads are designed with leakage protection technology which ensure that the flow doesn’t leak from the sides. Also, we provide wider back to keep you safe from any leakage.

Skin irritation and rashes are caused due to the usage of plastic or non-woven material in the top sheet. My-Cara pads use organic cotton in its top sheet which being a natural fibre ensures that it doesn’t irritate skin or cause rashes.

My-Cara pads come in individual disposal covers. After using the pad, roll the pad and place it in the disposal cover and discard it in the bin.

My-Cara pads expire after 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

We at My-Cara give utmost priority to the hygiene of the product. Our product is UV Sterilised. Also, we sanitise our premises every 4 hours. At no stage, the product is touched by a bare human hand as all our workers wear gloves and cover their face with mask and use head cover. Smocks are wore by our workers inside the premises to ensure that their clothes don’t come in contact with the product.

Order Cancellation

To cancel an order, just drop an email to tripathiorganic@gmail.com within 12 hours from placing the order. We will confirm the cancellation within 24-48 hours. The money will be refunded as per the payment method within 6-8 days from the confirmation. Please note that the already shipped orders cannot be cancelled.

The refund takes 6-8 hours to be credited to your bank account, from the date of cancellation of the order. If it has been longer than this, please drop an email at tripathiorganic@gmail.com and we will sort it out.


Yes. My-Cara provides delivery to pan-India by partnering with various logistics partners. However, the delivery timeline differs from place to place. On average, any order will be delivered in 4-5 days from the date of placing the order.

There are no shipping charges, and there is no minimum order quantity to avail of free shipping.


Sanitary pads are intimate hygiene products and thus it is important to ensure that they remain hygienic. As any return product can be compromised in quality, therefore, we don’t accept returns. Still, feel free to reach out to us if you face any issue with the product.

If you find your product to be damaged, please drop an email at tripathiorganic@gmail.com along with the pictures of the product, its packaging and the labels. We will replace the product in 5-6 days after verification of the issue.

Note : The request should be sent within 24 hours of receiving the product along with the pictures for us to process and refund or replacement.