Mycara Menstrual Cup


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12-HOUR PROTECTION – Prevents leaks for up to 12 consecutive hours, day or night. Available in Small (first-time user or light to medium flow), Medium (pre-birth or medium flow), Large (post-birth or heavy flow) .

SUPER SOFT & FLEXIBLE – Made from ultra-soft silicone, this cup easily inserts like a tampon and comfortably conforms to your body.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – Curved rim and contoured base allow for comfortable, spill-free removal and easy cleaning.

NATURAL & SAFE – Made with 100% medical-grade silicone. Free of BPA, latex, dyes, and phthalates. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Safe and suitable for all women, skin types, and menstrual conditions.

ZERO WASTE – Washable and reusable cup can last for up to 10 years with proper care. Comes with a carrying pouch.


Large, Medium, Small